Wall Mounted High Pressure Cold Washer

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Wall mounted 2
The WALL MOUNTED COLD WATER WASHER has the obvious advantage that no floor space required, and when one considers the cost per square foot at today’s rates – the design becomes even more attractive and long overdue – and when coupled with an automatic hose reel, it makes a very neat installation.  This machine is the perfect solution for Fire Stations, Police Authorities and the Food Industry.


  • Hawk Three Piston Ceramic Plunger Pump
  • Stainless Steel Discharge Valves
  • High Pressure or Low Pressure Unloader Valve
  • Close Coupled Lafert Motor and Hawk Pump
  • 24v Switching
  • Auto Stop/Start operated from the gun or Timed Shutdown
  • Wall Mounting Brackets Included as standard
  • Heater to reduce the risk of frost damage


Painted or Stainless Steel Cabinets
Pedestal Mounted

Machine Specifications

Model WM100/12HC WM150/15HC WM160/18HC WM200/15HC
Pressure (BAR) 100 150 160 200
Frost Protection
Auto Stop (Trigger)
Water Tank
Mounting Brackets
Dimensions 74 x 50 x 39.5 74 x 50 x 39.5 74 x 50 x 39.5 74 x 50 x 39.5
Weight 90 100 100 100

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